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02 July 2011

First Post

Category Technology

So you know how sometimes when you’re coding or doing some sysadmin kinda thing to try and get the technology to do something you want it to, preferably in the way you want it to do it, and you figure it’s probably something someone else has tried to do in the past and didn’t know how so the question has already been asked on a forum or possibly preemptively answered in a blog post, so the answer could be out there somewhere on the wide web world, so you google and sure enough you find a web page or blog post or Stack Overflow question that provide exactly the information you’re after. Joy and happiness! So you manage to get the technology to do what you want it to do in a manner more or less approximating the way you want it done. Then 6 months later you have to do the same thing again but you have forgotten how to because it’s not something you need to do all that often, so once it was done and working well enough it was out of sight and out of mind and you didn’t make any notes on how you managed to get it working because you didn’t think you’d ever have to do anything like that ever again but that’s exactly when fate and the universe at large and the Gods of Irony conspire to work their perverse mischief and lo and behold here you are again vainly trying to remember how the hell you did that thing to make it work last time, but to no avail, so you end up having to google for it all over again….then 6 months after that you…

No? That’s never happened to you?

Well then, you have totally stumbled across the wrong blog. Move along now. Nothing for you to see here.

I figure I should write some stuff down, if for no other reason that I might want to refer it later on at some point, and do it in blog form on the off chance there might be someone out there googling hungrily for the same morsel of information.

Hence, my geek blog. A place for my brain dumps, and random rambling, and hopefully something of some interest to someone out there on the interweb.

Hopefully with shorter sentences than this first post.