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15 May 2019    Technology

The Terrible Turnbull and LNP NBN legacy

A eulogy for Malcolm Turnbull's political career. And the NBN that Turnbull and the LNP destroyed.

Hey remember Malcolm Turnbull? Remember that guy? Remember him? He was the Prime Minister until not too long ago, wasn’t he? He was the also guy largely responsible for screwing up the NBN.

Remember the NBN? That huge national infrastructure project that would have brought great benefits to the nation — if Malcolm and the LNP Coalition government hadn’t screwed it up.

Malcolm Turnbull might not be dead yet, but his political career is, and its ghost will haunt …


18 December 2018    Technology

Wayward Windows

Some superficial ruminations on planned obsolescence; Or, I wrote this post on my Linux box while waiting for my Windows laptop to boot.

Some thoughts about my experiences using Windows on old hardware.


31 January 2017    Web Development

VoidyBootstrap version 2.1 released

VoidyBootstrap is a Pelican theme based on Bootstrap 3 that I hacked together when I first started using Pelican, and have been all too sporadically updating since.

Version 2.1 has now been released.

This release is mostly just updates to dependencies (Bootstrap, Font Awesome, etc) and some various minor fixes and tweaks.

The most significant changes are for compatibility with Pelican 3.7 (and 3.6).

I don’t believe any of the changes in this release break backward …


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