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26 August 2014    Technology

Piracy Propaganda

Australia cares, just not about Village Roadshow.

Village Roadshow ran ads in newspapers over the weekend consisting of an open letter from its CEOs expressing much butthurt over piracy and “copyright theft”.

I really wish the language surrounding allegedly “illegal” downloading would change. It doesn’t really make much sense to talk about digital copies being “theft”. And from a legal perspective, there is actually no such thing as “copyright theft” — only copyright infringement.

But then, hyperbolic rhetoric is one of the tools the movie industry like …


01 May 2014    Android

How to make a Samsung Galaxy S3 play nice with Eclipse on Windows

How to debug and run Android apps on a Samsung Galaxy S3 device with Eclipse on Windows.

Using Eclipse on a Windows development machine, I’d managed to get USB debugging working on various Android devices with various versions of Android without too much drama. But I ran into some difficulties when I tried to debug an app on a Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300T with Android 4.3).

I think I’m beginning to detect a pattern emerging — the more recent the Android version, the more (unnecessary?) development hoops to jump through. (Because Security! Apparently.)

So …


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