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30 November 2014    Web Development

Upgrading to pelican 3.5

Upgrading to Pelican 3.5 and Python 3.

I recently updated my Pelican blog setup, going from Pelican 3.3 to Pelican 3.5. I skipped Pelican 3.4, mostly by circumstance rather than intention — by the time I got around to upgrading, Pelican 3.5 had been released!

Although I wasn’t in any great rush to upgrade anyway, as I was rather diligently procrastinating the task of reinstalling the Linux box I’d been using for my Pelican work, and this is something I wanted to …


28 November 2014    Technology

Metadata karma

The government did a couple things I found really disturbing recently.

Well, actually, that seems like a ludicrous understatement given recent events in Australian politics.

Recently, everything this government has done has been disturbing on some level.

For the sake of brevity however, if nothing else, let’s consider just two for now: the mandatory data legislation introduced in recent months; and the prosecution of 21 year old student Freya Newman for uncovering evidence of a secret scholarship awarded to …


25 November 2014    Technology

We all have something to hide

We all have something to hide from mandatory data retention.

The Australian government recently introduced mandatory data retention legislation, and in the debate that followed, I heard a radio talkback host admit he wasn’t overly concerned by the prospect, on the grounds that if you don’t do anything wrong you have nothing to hide.

He couldn’t be more wrong.

Thinking “I have nothing to hide” is naive when it comes to mandatory data retention, and represents a failure to fully understand the implications.

Data retention is usually …


22 November 2014    Technology

They’re coming for us and our metadata

They’re coming for us.

Them — the politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers.

They coming for us — programmer, developers, designers, scientists, engineers. Us geeks.

They’re coming for us, for our freedoms, and for our privacy, and they’re calling this “mandatory data retention”. Or metadata. Or “national security”. But regardless of what they call it, it is in fact just an outright attack on our democratic rights and freedoms.

They’re coming for us. To maintain their power and influence. And stifle …


26 August 2014    Technology

Piracy Propaganda

Australia cares, just not about Village Roadshow.

Village Roadshow ran ads in newspapers over the weekend consisting of an open letter from its CEOs expressing much butthurt over piracy and “copyright theft”.

I really wish the language surrounding allegedly “illegal” downloading would change. It doesn’t really make much sense to talk about digital copies being “theft”. And from a legal perspective, there is actually no such thing as “copyright theft” — only copyright infringement.

But then, hyperbolic rhetoric is one of the tools the movie industry like …


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