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24 January 2013    Python

PyQt database driver loading issues on Windows after installing PySide

Had a Windows machine with a perfectly fine and functioning development setup of ActiveState Python 2.7, QT SDK, and PyQt bindings. Then decided to install PySide. What could possibly go wrong?

There’s always something…

After installing PySide, none of my PyQt SQLite database applications would work anymore (while still using the PyQt bindings). Not even the example programs. I would get a “Driver not loaded” error when trying to initialise the database. However, the PySide database examples ran …


17 October 2012    Linux

Installing NX Client on Linux

So you wanna remotely access a Linux box? From a Windows machine? The Nomachine NX Client looks like a reasonable option.

To install on a 64-bit (Ubuntu-based) Linux, first download the NX Free Edition for Linux. You should end up with something like the following deb packages:



sudo chmod 755 /usr/lib/cups/backend/ipp
sudo dpkg -i nxclient_3.5.0-7_amd64.deb
sudo dpkg -i nxnode_3.5 …


08 August 2012    Programming

SVN in a world of Git and Mercurial

Oh, so source code for that project I’m working on has been moved from CVS to SVN? Great, thanks for not telling me earlier so I could make sure all my changes were committed first.

Well it is about time we got rid of CVS. But isn’t moving to SVN a bit anachronistic given we have Git and Mercurial (and even Bazaar) nowadays, ready and willing to fulfill all our deepest, darkest version control needs? Isn’t SVN …


07 August 2012    Technology

Canon MP Navigator “Scan Failed” Error

How to fix a "Scan failed" error in Canon MP Navigator when scanning with Windows 7.

It was late. I should have gone to sleep by now. I wanted to go to sleep. I was about to shut down my laptop and get ready to go to sleep. But I remembered I had to scan a document then email it. I should have done this weeks ago. It’s late, but I’ll quickly do it anyway. Shouldn’t take long. The laptop is on, the Canon Multifunction MP800 is right there next to it, thanks …


26 June 2012    Technology

What license agreement?


I’ve create a new MSI installer using WiX, for that legacy front end Windows application. Does the install wizard need to display a license agreement?


License agreement?


Yeah, the default WiX user interface includes a license agreement page.


What’s on the license agreement page at the moment? Boiler plate text?


No idea. Never read it. It’s a license agreement page. Just ignored it and clicked next…


29 March 2012    Programming

Scripts for batch renaming of files to add a date prefix

A financial institution of which I am a customer (which shall remain nameless) frequently (like almost every weekday!) emails me PDF statements. I rarely need to refer to said statements, so I could just configure my email client to automatically filter them away into some folder and not give them the slightest consideration. But occasionally I might need to check something in one of these statements, usually around Tax Return time, and usually something from many months/years past. Sifting …


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