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19 March 2014    Web Development

The winding road to a workable writing workflow

It’s hard to imagine now that early incarnations of this blog started as a Wordpress site.

Not that I have anything against Wordpress itself, as such. It’s just that I’ve developed a deep dislike for PHP (the underlying technology used to develop Wordpress). And I’m not the only one.

My brief experiences with PHP were enough to realise it’s pretty damn horrible. I feel I know enough about PHP to know I never want to …


23 January 2014    Web Development

Upgrading to Pelican 3.3

Bothersome broken pipes and pesky HTTP headers: my experiences upgrading to Pelican 3.3.

Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it comes with the territory of being a geek with a blog, but seems I often have to fight the urge to tinker with the blogging technology I’m using — in my case Pelican — in order to get any actual blogging done.

Initially, the tinkering took the form of endlessly tweaking the custom theme I’d hacked together based on Bootstrap 2. Eventually the theme got to the point where I was happy …


15 January 2014    Python

Raiders of the Lost Django Registration Templates

Django user registration: Sample django-registration templates and demo code using Bootstrap 3.


Hey you.

Yes, you there, looking at the screen with a combination of confusion, surprise and frustration. Is this the first time you’re trying to create a Django website with user sign up and log in capabilities? Looking for a “built-in” way to do that?

Well, there isn’t one. Sometimes implementing common website functionality that you’d think should be easy and straightforward isn’t so much. But hey, that’s pretty much always going to be …


06 January 2014    Satire

Booze To The Node

Why Fibre to the Node technology for the National Broadband Network is a crappy idea. A guide for non-geeks and alcoholics. With dick jokes and overwrought analogies.

Because when it comes to politics, technical merits don’t seem to matter. It’s all about politicians and pictures of their privates. Apparently.


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