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06 December 2011

Goodbye Unity, hello once again KDE

Category Linux

Goodbye Unity. I gave you a go, I really did. You are a bold move in the world of Linux, which is good to see. But you’re just not working for me. You’re OK, and no where near as bad as some have made you out to be, but as a development machine desktop, I find you’re less than ideal. So I’m going back to KDE. Which is not to say that KDE is perfect, just the lesser of desktop environment evils. And I do appreciate how integrated and polished you are in a lot of ways Unity, especially visually. This is in contrast to the GTK based applications like Firefox and Thunderbird on KDE, which end up looking annoyingly out of place and ugly. But unless I find workarounds, I will put up with the ugliness, because since I spend most of my time doing fairly low level back end coding, I care little for fancy GUIs and desktop environments, and would just prefer they stay out of my way as much as possible. But goddamit Firefox you are looking hideous on KDE compared to Unity…

UPDATE: Installing KDE on top of Ubuntu (though the package manager), as opposed to Kubuntu, might have contributed to the above ugliness. I’m not sure if recent Kubuntu distributions have the same quirk, but I notice Firefox looks fine on a home PC currently running Mint 13 KDE.